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Important steps to follow when searching for apartments for sale in Turkey

Important steps to follow when searching for apartments for sale in Turkey

Apartments for sale in Turkey – Looking for an apartment in Turkey is like looking for a needle in the center of a large amount of straw. We are not trying to make the ownership process in Turkey hard as much as we try to simplify it. over the years we have worked to meet the demands of our property buyers in Turkey, We have seen many problems related to owning or investing in real estate in Turkey, often due to the lack of awareness of the importance of consulting a real estate expert with all the details of purchasing real estate in Turkey.

Turkey is witnessing a real estate revolution that will make it the most important destination for real estate investors from all over the world in addition to the huge number of projects that are taking place. This makes the search for real estate risky especially for foreigners because of several obstacles including:

  • The language barrier, because most Turkish real estate companies speak only in Turkish, the language becomes the first obstacle to seekers of apartments for sale in Turkey.


  • Istanbul is the only one that contains thousands of new residential and commercial projects in different areas, making the choice of the projects area and the best project very difficult.


  • The fraud that foreigners object to by fake companies and the amount of incorrect information available in the Turkish real estate market.

In this article we will provide you with the most important steps that every researcher for apartments for sale in Turkey carefully followed to get the best real estate deal in Turkey.


Apartments for sale in Turkey, the most important steps of ownership in Turkey


  1. Know your readiness

Knowing how willing you are to own an apartment in Turkey means that your lifestyle is compatible with the investment you want to make, check your financial capabilities and if they agree with the market prices in Turkey, as well as your future plans. Some  of the most important questions you should answer in order  to find out how ready you are to search for apartments for sale in Turkey are:

Am I Looking for a property for housing or for investment?

What are the limits of my financial capabilities? What is the maximum amount to buy this property?

If I buy for investment? What is the return i expect from this property?

Knowing your willingness to own property in Turkey makes you confident in your next steps in the search for your property in Turkey and will make it easier for you to choose.


  1. Select your budget

Many people who are interested in Turkish real estate fall into the trap of “cheap apartments in Turkey”. Unfortunately, many are exposed to fraud because they believe the wrong information. What the researcher should know is that there are no cheap real estate in Turkey. This type of real estate is easy to convince interested buyers and begins to suffer after the buyer starts  discovering a lot of defects in his new apartment.

Determining the purchase budget is an essential step to avoid the dispersion experienced during the visit to some projects and to identify the prices per square meter in each project and the advantages of projects, you should

  • Select the maximum and minimum purchase budget
  • Select the necessary features you want to be provided in the property you want.


3 – Find your real estate consultant (real estate company).

You do not need a real estate company in the purchase process only . You need a real estate company to accompany you on your ownership journey from start to finish. Most successful real estate investors in Turkey have real estate companies as the real estate consultant for all their investments. About owning property in Turkey, you need a company that guarantees you access to trusted information and is highly credible.

When searching for apartments for sale in Turkey, your real estate company is responsible for:

  • Provide data on the areas you would like to purchase and its advantages with the prices of real estate in them,
  • Provide projects commensurate with your specific budget and have the most important facilities you need,
  • Provide information on payment methods that suit you,
  • Negotiate to get the best price for your property
  • Ensure the legal process of ownership


What distinguishes dealing with a reliable real estate company is the after-service provided by these companies. After purchasing there are other tasks that take a lot of time and resources such as access to public services and property insurance and management in the case of investment.


4 – Choose the right property for you

What many people who want to own in Turkey do not understand is that they have to find the right property for them, not the best one. After deciding which budget to buy, your real estate consultant will offer you the best options and areas where prices match your budget. Linked to the following points:

  • The quality of the real estate area and services available in the area.
  • Legal safety of real estate and construction company.
  • The quality of the project and the social facilities available in it
  • The price is consistent with the quality of the property and the prices of other projects in the region.


  1. Signing the contract and after sales

After you find the suitable property, the process of study of the contract begins by the legal expert of the company you deal with to check the terms of delivery of the property and the terms of payment and the text and other legal information relating to the property, and the company is responsible to complete the purchase and the extraction of all required documents.

After completing all purchase steps, you must agree with the construction company on the following details:

  • Connecting the property to the basic services (electricity / gas / water)
  • How to manage real estate and management of real estate expenses (returns)


The steps of real estate acquisition in Turkey is not summarized only with  the five steps mentioned in the article, but it does help to obtain  the best apartments for sale in Turkey and  to get the best property in the best area at the best price.


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