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Who are we?

Al-Agha Consulting and Real Estate Investment Company was founded in Turkey by Estevera Medical Tourism Company. We have succeeded in executing a number of the largest projects of Arab investors in the Turkish real estate market which enable us to be a distinguished candidate for launching future investment projects with a high rate of safety and profit. In the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and the experience of our team over 10 years, helping investors to penetrate the real estate investment market in Istanbul and major Turkish cities.

We are the number one real estate investment company in Turkey which provides comprehensive services to cover your new and current investment project. We provide you with an integrated investment team consisting of the best investment consultants in the investment portfolios, sales managers with expertise and expertise, qualified lawyers and qualified accountants to facilitate the investment mission. In a nutshell, Aga Consulting & Real Estate Investments is able to become your real estate expert for future investments and stand by you to make your project a safe road.

Our Vision

The real estate investment sector in Turkey has real investment opportunities with a huge profit rate, so we seek to capture such opportunities, provide a comprehensive study and plan for Arab investors, guide them to the right investment opportunities and how to obtain such investments in light of the number of competitors in the Turkish real estate market. This is your chance to provide you with the largest real estate opportunity in Turkey. We are working today in partnership with more than 40 Turkish property developers who can offer more than 200 real estate projects in Turkey. Different.

Our Goals

  1. To be the first assistant to the Arab investors in Turkey.
  2. Finding real estate investment opportunities with the lowest risk ratio.
  3. Provide a convenient and safe service for Arab investors.
  4. Entering the real estate investment market from the widest door, it is the best types of current and future investments in Turkey.
  5. Capture investment opportunities with a high profit return.

Our Message

Our mission is to turn the dream of investment in Turkey into a real one. We are helping you to find real estate investment opportunities that will raise the value of investment and profitability and guide the spotlight to determine the real estate investment opportunities in Turkey by an expert team in the real estate investment field. The real estate market, such as fluctuations in real estate prices in Turkey and purchasing power, in order to spare investors the potential risks to overcome all the difficulties facing the Arab investor and to find professional solutions for investment to achieve high return on profit.

Our Team


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